Checkout clients with ease

Checkout clients from multiple devices with our comprehensive transaction systems.

Manage your customer invoices

  • Track unpaid invoices
    View a list of all customer invoices and filter by payment status, customer name, payment date, due date, and gross total. Easily discover which invoices are outstanding. 
  • Print and email invoices
    The checkout process automatically generates customer invoices. You can choose to either print or email them directly to your customers.
  • Add payment notes
    Easily add payment notes to an invoice during the checkout process. 

Never keep your customers waiting

Front desk busy? Your staff can create new appointments and checkout customers from multiple devices. Reduce wait time at the salon and keep your clients happy!

Customize the checkout process

  • Add products & services at checkout
    We give you complete flexibility over the checkout process. Did a customer purchase shampoo or add a blow dry to their haircut? Easily add additional services and products at checkout and view the updated invoice. 
  • Apply a discount
    If you want to offer your client a discount, you have the freedom to edit the service or product price directly from the checkout window.
  • Mark invoices as paid or unpaid
    During checkout, mark whether an appointment is paid or unpaid. Note the payment type and date of payment. Conveniently view a complete list of all invoices and their payment statuses.