Take bookings from your website

Add our booking widget to your website and allow 24/7 booking.

Use our booking widget to take online bookings

  • Allow 24/7 booking
    Customers expect convenient online booking. Add our booking widget to your website and allow customers to book 24/7 with a “Book Now” button.
  • Auto-sync bookings
    Online bookings made from your website immediately auto-sync onto your my.Vaniday appointment calendar.
  • Gain new clients
    The “Book Now” button allows new customers who visit your website to immediately book, even outside your working hours. The convenience of online scheduling boosts bookings.  

Customize the widget to fit your branding

You can customize the design of the booking widget to fit your branding. Add your logo and change the color scheme.  

Don't have a website? We'll build one for you.

  • Gain online presence
    Customers expect to be able to search for and book services online. With a personal website, you’ll gain valuable online presence as you show up in search results and connect with potential customers. 
  • Advertise your services and allow 24/7 booking
    Display a descriptive list of services and allow instant booking. Your website includes an integrated map and working hours. Enhance your site with a photo gallery, blog, or videos. 
  • Use a 360 degree approach
    With Vaniday, you’ll have comprehensive salon management and marketing. Bookings made via your website automatically sync onto your my.Vaniday appointment calendar. Easily gain, track, and manage all your bookings with one software solution.