Gain marketing power

Send promotional emails with our automated system & create newsletter campaigns.

Tailor-made marketing

  • Create newsletter campaigns
    We give you the tools to easily create digital newsletter campaigns. Send holiday greetings and promotions, notify your database of new services and products, and reward frequent customers. With complete customization, you have the freedom to market your business in creative and engaging ways. 
  • Target your marketing
    Send emails to select customer groups, e.g. customers who have not booked in the last 30 days, or your entire database. Target frequent bookers with new services or entice customers who have not booked in a while with special promotions. 

Save time with automated marketing

  • Enable re-book reminders
    Encourage repeat booking with automated re-book reminders. Choose how long after the customer’s last appointment you would like the reminder sent. Conveniently view a preview of the re-book email before it’s sent out. 
  • Send birthday greetings
    Maintain customer relationships by surprising them with birthday greetings. You have the option of including a “Book Now” button in your emails to encourage bookings.