Keep track of your stock

Always be in control of your product supply with our inventory management features.

Manage every aspect of your inventory

  • Track stock quantities
    Our sophisticated inventory features allows you to manage and track every aspect of your stock. Get an instant overview of stock on hand. Our color-coding system notifies you when an item is out or running low. 
  • Organize stock details
    Track your products with SKU/barcodes, assign them to categories, and set original and discounted prices. Filter your inventory by quantity, retail price, brand, and category for easy searching. 
  • View product analytics
    Use our business analytics tools to view the profitability of your products and services. Easy-to-read graphs and charts give an instant overview of total items sold and product sales.

Add products at checkout

Did a customer purchase a bottle of shampoo after their haircut? Did they decide to upgrade from a classic to a gel manicure at the last minute? No problem! Add products or additional services during the checkout process and email or print updated invoices.